Video stuck in VLC

Flying Litchi with Mini 2.
If I record video in 1024 and 30fpm, no problem. But if I record video in 4k and 30fpm, the file is ok, VLC open the file but the picture does not roll. I’m using VLC Any ideas?

VLC can NOT handle the H265 codec.

Look in the DJI Fly app if you can record 4k30 with the H264 codec.

Hallo TriBar,
Mini 2 seems not to have that option. It does not show up on my settings, my be another setting cause it not to be there?

So it seems the Mini 2 automatically switches to the H265 codec at high resolutions without the ability for the operator to choose otherwise.

In this case you have 2 options:

  1. Find/use a videoplayer that can handle the H265 codec.
  2. Convert the video to H264 with VLC: How to Convert HEVC Videos to MP4 Format in VLC Media Player? - YouTube
    or google “convert H265 to H264” for other solutions.

Thanks, will do.

Got the same problem here. However, I found a solution for me. If you got a decent computer (minimal 2 CPUs, 4GB RAM and a SSD-Card), you can try another media player.

Sadly I suppose, I can not help you, as I suppose, you are running Windows, what is slowing down your computer.

But, if you are running a modern OS like linux, then give “smplayer” a shot. With this, my videos are running fluently on linux, with VLC in linux very lagging and on Windows 7 not possible at all (neither VLC with opengl acceleration nor Windows Media Player).

All three above are running on the same computer like described (2 cores with 2,2GHz, 4GB RAM, SSD)

On my other notebook (with Intel i5, 2 CPU and with hyperthreading 4 cores), 8GB RAM and Intel opengl accelerated graphics card, even with VLC it is not lagging. But please note, too: It is running in linux, NOT Windows!

There is a reason, why I never use Windows: This is one of many!

Best regards


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Hallo Hans, I found 2nd best program: MPV. It runs in Win 7 but quite jerky.
Thanks for your reply

Try: mpv-x86_64-20220612-git-602995f.7z

It can, at least on Windows it does, without any problems for me.