Video recording using Litchi with RC PRO

New on Litchi on RC PRO. Ran a flight plan that includes start recording on start point and a few pictures on other points stop recording, take photos and start recording again. The drone executed the flight plan as programmed.

However, I don’t see the recordings on the SD card or on the cached videos on RC PRO. Is this an issue ? Is there something to setup in the Litchi settings?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Those features are only done in the Fly app. Everything is stored on the drone’s sd card

That is what I thought but the recordings and the photos are not there. Is this a bug? Any thoughts?

How are you accessing the recordings/photos?

Taking the SD card out and reading the files. BTW, I flew the drone using DJI Fly app and I don’t have any issues. I see the recordings on the SD card

From the Online User Guide:


Thanks for the clarification. This does not explain why the camera did not start recording at starting point which is not a curved point. Will try to change the plan and rerun to see if I get different results