Video cuts while recording

Hi all,
I’ve been using Litchi to get smooth curves with waypoints, and everything works fine but my only issue is that when recording video it cuts off at a certain point. This happens with all the drones I’ve tried - after 4-5 min, the video automatically cuts, and resumes, so (for example) on a 12 min flight I end up with one 4:30 vid, another 4:30 vid, and one last 3 min vid. I can stitch them together in post but it seems like there’s a setting or something I’m not finding to avoid this automatic cut.
The video feed shows continuous recording while flying, and this does not occur with Dji Fly or Go4.
Does anybody know about this or how to fix it?

Yes it does.

Have a look at this post:

I can tell you that this DOES NOT happen with other flight control apps…only with Litchi. On DJI Fly or Go4 I have vids >4gb and 10 min or longer without interruptions on multiple drones.

I’m trying to find out a way of not letting Litchi break up my videos/files. Any help with this?

I find that very odd. The 4GB file size limit has caused many people to complain in the DJI forum. While the staff in the DJI forums never provide good reasons, they admit that DJI drones have this limit.

Litchi is not recording video to your microSD card. Instead, your drone is. You should go back and check your “greater than 4GB files”. It doesn’t make sense that so many others are complaining about DJI (not Litchi) limiting the video file size to less than 4GB while you can capture video into files larger than 4GB.

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I’ll check when I have the opportunity and let y’all know. I know that when flying the MP1 and Mini 2, I have videos that are commonly 12-15 min, and some even longer without it being cut…all recorded in 4k.

The only thing that is relevant is the file size. Longer videos tend to require larger files. Higher resolutions tend to require larger files. The file size limit is something less that 4GB (3.7GB or something close to that). If you have a video file,produced by a DJI drone, that is larger than 4GB, you would be the first one I have heard of being able to do so.

It’s also common with GoPro cameras. Not a big deal. Any decent video software stiches them together with no problem.