vertical - horizontal adjustment

vertical - horizontal adjustment of the gimbal before it worked with the samsung galaxy tab s2 now no more with the latest release why?

What do you mean by that?

  1. Gimbal calibration
  2. Advanced Gimbal Settings (Pitch & Yaw speed/smoothness)
  3. Horizon correction.

in settings key c1 fpv left vertical adjustment no longer works version 4.26.0_beta-g build 30004325

As far as I can see there is no such setting.

Settings to choose from are:
-Map/Video Switch
-Recenter Gimbal
-Gimbal Pitch/Yaw
-Course Lock
-Home Lock
-VR Mode
-Pause/Resume Flight
-Home Point at Aircraft
-Home Point at Device
-Front LEDs
-Mobile Camera (VR)
-Toggle VR Immersive
-Toggle VR Joystick
-Center Autofocus
-Zoom In
-Zoom Out
-Toggle Portrait Mode
-Toggle 2nd Video Feed
-Focus to Infinity
-Bottom Light
-Increase Exposure
-Decrease Exposure
-Change Exposure Setting
-Switch Flight Mode
-Switch Camera Lens

in this version 4.26.0_beta-g build 30004325 I have the voice
Vertical-horizontal Gimbal adjustment

-What language have you set to Litchi?
-If not English, which setting are you refering to? i.e from top to bottom 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.
-What type of drone do you use?

language: Italian
in keys the item is the 3°
dji mini 2

This only works for the DJI Inspire.

Read the Online User Guide I refered to in my 2nd post.

ok thanks for the replies