Ver. 222 Beta Pilot Issues (most Recent I believe)

Not sure Ver. # is correct but here’s what’s happened to me thus far having flown 5 missions. Once it finally works it performs very well but I’ve run down batteries on both occasions just trying to get lift off with DJI RC Pro and Mini 3 Pro. Although I’m less that a few feet away it keeps connecting and disconnecting…once it does connect it incrementally climbs a few feet then hovers. When I select start mission it once again incrementally flies just a few feet so I keep repeating that step and it keeps doing the same with the message “disconnected”…the disconnection and reconnection of drone from controller does not occur with DJI fly App…it immediately connects and flys normally so it’s not something other than the beta Pliot app which is to be expected for something labeled “beta”. Eventually on both days of use it does work properly after repeated attempts with absolutely no issues. I’m doing waypoint flying and doing two mission while in the air back to back for about 380 photos in total. I’ve reloaded the software 3 times to make sure install or whatever has no corrupted it but nothing seems to work with regard to it immediately working unless I go thru the previously described routing of repeatedly having to coax it to first become airborne and then actually fly the mission. I do other mosaic photogrammetry for a living and I’ve been a working photojournalist for over 50 years who worked for news magazines and photo agencies. Thanks for doing this for the 3 pro mini the battery life (once it starts working) allows me to fly back to back missions while airborne.

You have to Force Close ANY DJI app before starting Litchi Pilot.

They’ve always been closed…nothing else but Beta APP was open. Thanks for your suggestion but that’s not the issue

Sorry, but I have to ask: Is the DJI app just “closed” or “force closed”? There is a difference.

Once booted I choose the icon for all programs and then open Litchi Pilot…here’s something I’ve just discovered (switching topic a bit). when I open one of my missions and physically increase its appearance size on the screen I seem to be able to almost always immediately launch the drone successfully…since I’m doing this at home indoors I can’t go to the next step of actually initialing the mission however tomorrow or as soon as possible I will try to do the whole thing (launch and then start a mission}. Wes I greatly appreciate your suggestions thanks very much…

I’m not an Android person but after rebooting, background apps might be persistent. If DJI Fly is one of them, it has to be “force-closed”.

Once it boots you get all icons if you don’t immediately choose something else DJI Fly launches prior to choosing something else but I always quickly select Litchi Pilot…I’m a Mac person too and had one of the first dealerships which specialized in setting up the photography/reproduction chain for newspapers and magazines…I was a beta tester for Photoshop before it had a name…ah the good old days Photoshop came on 4 floppies.

For Litchi in combination with the RC Pro it is required to Force STOP any DJI app before starting Litchi.

You have to Force Stop an app in the Settings of the device:
Settings > Apps > “any DJI app” > Force Stop

I assume the same for Litchi Pilot.

Point #6 in this link:

Many thanks to TriBar along with wesbarris for solving my problem of erratic success at launch and flying my waypoint missions with Litchi Pilot Beta …although it was too windy to fly today and I wasn’t able to fly a mission yet. Indoors unlike before it launches every time without incident . Litchi is a great community and I greatly appreciate the suggestions from the two mentioned above. I can now fly my 380 waypoint missions with 1 battery …Cheers to both…can I send you a photograph as a thank you? let me know if you see something I can print for you. Take Care & Thanks Again for informing me about “Force Close”

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