Using Tablet with Litchi

Does a tablet need cellular capability to use with Litchi?

Nope, wifi is fine. …

Check this out from the Litchi FAQ’s section.

11. I won’t have Internet access where I want to fly, will I still be able to see the maps?

If you cache the maps prior to the flight, you will be able to see them even when offline. To cache maps while connected to Internet, drag the map around where you are planning to fly, zoom in and zoom out. You can exit Litchi in between but avoid restarting the mobile device as it may clear the cache.

No. I fly using an iPad (no cellular). I tether it to my iPhone for network access.

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Quote: “No. I fly using an iPad (no cellular). I tether it to my iPhone for network access.”

Why do you need network access? Just curious.

I don’t “need” network access but I like to have network access so that:

  1. I can have satellite maps without having to cache them
  2. I can open newly created missions out in the field without having to pre-open them at home
  3. I can use a LAANC app out in the field
  4. I can unlock an authorization zone if required

There may be other reasons but those immediately came to mind.

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If you are doing all of this, Why use Litchi? I use Litchi for FUN and because I dont want to Have to do all of this. I dont make any coins from my UAS so the only things I deem useful are the Rules of Controlled Air space.

Whether you are making money or doing something for fun doesn’t change what is useful or important for safety and efficiency.

WOW. This rapid response is odd. I wont argue with what you posted, But You use what you want I’ll use what I want. Sorry for my assumed attack. I’ll sign out and Not be back.

@rr1, no need to leave, we are just trying to help. We all have different needs and uses for Litchi and drones in particular. If you have any issues with Litchi, do feel free to join us in the Forum.

I primarily fly waypoint missions.

I fly strictly for recreational purposes. However, that does not preclude my desire or requirements for the items I listed.

How do you tether iPad to a phone? I have android phone

Setup a Mobile Hotspot on your android phone.
(Setup > Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering)
On your iPad turn on Wi-Fi and connect it to this Hotspot.

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