Using old waypoints mission in another drone

Is it possible to modify an old Litchi waypoint mission of 90 waypoints
that I used for Mavic pro long ago, and insert / change
the mission into a waypoint mission that can be inserted
and used in the controller for the DJI Air 3 drone ?

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Unfortunately there’s no support for third party apps w DJI Air 3 series. Secondly the DJI fly app lacks support for importing whatsoever external data. Sry.

I have done so successfully using the tool ‘Litchi Waypoint Mission to Mavic 3 Waypoint Mission’ from @wesbarris.

Good to know! I wondered if Wes’s utility would work, but since I dont have a ‘3’ I had no way of testing.
I’m sure lots of people will be happy to know that they arent bound to the DJI app only and wont lose work they have done in the past.

That is true.

Yes. While DJI does not provide an import function, there is a way to import missions into the DJI Fly app. It’s a bit ugly but it can be done. One cannot simply create a new imported mission in DJI Fly. Instead, one can overwrite an existing mission with a newly designed one. The details of doing this can be found here:

Hmm, does it not work, uploading all data to litchi “Mission Hub” and then download back to the mobile? I suppose, Mission Hub should convert it to DJI Air 3, if this is supported by Litchi on Android.

Just an idea…



This thread is about the DJI Air 3 which is not (yet) supported by an MSDK. Perhaps you were thinking about the Mini 3 which is now supported by an MSDK and the beta version of Litchi Pilot.

For the Mavic 3 series and the Air 3, there is no MSDK. However, they both do support waypoints and I have created a converter that converts a Litchi Mission into a DJI Fly mission which can be imported into DJI Fly for either the Mavic 3 or Air 3 and then executed using DJI Fly.

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