Using Litchi with Phantom 4

I have been using Phantom 4 about one year and usually with DJI Go4 app.
Now I have installed Litchi App and registered as an user…
I have some problems with starting this system to fly.
It is so difficult, because sometimes it starts beautifylly but very often it does not start at all.

I have Huawei tablet and I am using it when flying.
Phantom 4 connects always immediately to the controller.
The little light in controller goes green.
But the controller does not connect to my tablet.
The Litchi app started but does not connect to the controller.
Tablet is connected to internet with my shell-phone wi-fi connection.
Very often it starts when I am home and test-starting it.
But when I go somewhere out to fly, then it usually do not connect at all…

What are the main reasons for this kind of behaviour.
P4 flyer from Finland

You have to force-close any dji app before starting litchi.

DJI Go 4 app is force-closed.
I have noticed that dji go 4 app must have access to get my logation and to use usb-connection?
If I take those “taps” away then Litchi does not connect to controller.
Is Litchi using those through dji go4.

I am trying to use Litchi for Waypoint -missions that I have made in Litchi-Hub.

Yes, and so does Litchi.
That’s why GO4 must be forced closed before Litchi can get access to the USB-port. Only 1 app at a time can access the USB-port.

I’m not sure what you mean by that (“taps”).


Location is obtained by a GPS-receiver in the device, NOT by internet…

You don’t need an internet connection, unless you want to download maps during flight.

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Yes, Litchi-app is getting my location on the map but it it is not connected to controller.
I have seen one video where is suggested to switch usb-settings to RNDIS.
That helps sometimes, but not always.
Last time it starts without that switcing…?
What is the best starting order for getting things working.

So Don’t take them away…

Thanks TriBar for your Help.
Now my Litchi-app is working fine.
I think those “taps” were my problems.
Now I made two missions and Litchi-app was starting fine…
I will put here links to those videos when I get them in YouTube.

Anyway -now it was working fine.

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