Using Litchi app on no google services device

Hi pilots,

is it possible to use Litchi app on a device without Google play services?

I bought Mini 2 in China two years ago along with Huawei MatePad 10.4.

Everything worked fine with dji fly app, but now I found Litchi.

Is it possible to download only apk file of Litchi app?

I know I could use my phone, but this tablet is dedicated only for flying and is not contaminated with various apps, however it doesn’t support google services.

Thank you for your answers.


@Bostjan_Kepa, these are the 3 platforms that Litchi is available on:

  • The Google Play Store, iOS App Store and Amazon App Store use different licensing systems, if you wish to use Litchi on two or more platforms you will need to purchase it on each one

The Amazon version should work: