Used litchi For the first time now DJI fly app is having issues

I have a mini SE used Litchi for the first time.
While using it I close the app and switch to DJI Fly while the drone was in the in air. DJI fly app wouldn’t move the drone, so I went back to lictchi landed it. Proceeded to turn off remote and drone and then turned it back on. Opened DJI fly got the drone in the air loss connection at about 150/200 feet and the record button wouldn’t work tried multiple times same issue wasn’t having any issues with DJI fly before using litchi

Using iPhone 12 Pro Max
All firmware and apps on drone are up to date

You have to Force Close one App before using the other, otherwise one will still be active in the background and can cause conflicts.
In this screenschot (Mini4) both Apps are active:

I thought I did, ill give anothe tryr tomorrow, its raining today… so it nothing to worry about ?