Use the app for Osmo pocket 1

Hello, can I use the “Litchi for dji osmo” app for my Osmo Pocket 1?
I will use it for Livestream on Youtube and Facebook.

Do you know for shure that this works with the Osmo Pocket 1?
I can’t find it at the discription.

Compatible with DJI Osmo X3, Osmo Plus and Osmo Pro/RAW.

Osmo pocket does not have a wi-fi module

I have a wifi module and can connect my phone to the osmo pocket.

Anyway, I asked the same question above today. And I was surprised that you also asked a question about litchi osmo.

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Did you ever get an answer on this? The google play store reviews on this specific app for the osmo are really bad. Surprising because their drone app has great reviews.

DJI Mimo app no longer supports my phone Samsung Galaxy A32 5G so I am looking for an alternative to be able to use my Osmo Pocket 1.

I have litchi osmo and i have pocket1. They do not work.