Urgent Flylichi on the DJI mini 2 for Ukraine Monitoring Drones

Dear Guys, we (www.eyesonukraine.eu) would like to ask you to speed up the Flylichi app for the DJI mini 2, as we are planning to send at least 200 of these units to Ukraine army and civilian defense groups. We know that there is an issue with DJI drones. We have reached funding for 200 units

  1. how to avoid a possible no flyzone in Ukraine completely set by e.g. China?
  2. how to ensure that the drones cannot be tracked by the DJI control system or through internet…

So we would highly appreciate the app to be available for the mini2 and see that finland supported DJI drones would also benefit including the many DJI mini2 drones already flying there.

Definitively highly appreciated if there are experts that have ideas on the 2 questions raised above! for reasons of safety we can also talk or email…

Winfried Rijssenbeek, 00316 53172983… winfriedrijssenbeek@gmail.com

I’m probably completely out of my league here, but isn’t the Litch app available for the Mini 2 now? I have it for my Mini SE and the release version I have (4.21.2-g) includes support for the Mini 2.
Is in an international/Google Play limitation?
Also, if you suspect China of restricting access in Ukraine the drones may have to be initialized elsewhere. The first unlock/initialization has to be done through the DJI Fly app.
Again, I may be off base on that, but that’s my understanding.
Either way, give 'em HELL. There are many of us in the US and elsewhere who are rooting for you.

Litchi is already compatible with mini 2 on Android. For iOS we can’t do anything until DJI adds support for it in their SDK, which DJI said should happen on 31st march.
Also you can not fly in a no fly zone with Litchi, nor can you prevent being tracked by DJI aeroscope etc. for that kind of thing you would need to look at drone firmware hacking

Dear Frank, to understand correctly the FL is already working for the Android for dji mini 2? so sorry for my misunderstanding. So next we can try to cover the initialising in a fly zone… through the DGI fly app. Next we can do this with the fly litchi… Question: the initializing starts with a download of the app on your phone. how can we circumvent the situation where yes we have the drones, but not the phones from the pilots as these are in Ukraine. Can we download the program on micro USB sticks so that the pilots do not have to initialize from the ukraine?

Best W

Yes if that comes on our way we are preparing for that… Best W

Answering that is quite a bit out of my league. I will suggest going to https://mavicpilots.com/ and registering there. Post your inquiries in the General Discussion, Mini 2, or Control Apps section. There are many users far more experienced than me who will gladly help out.

Good luck and may this travesty come to a good end soon.

Hi Winfried,

Litchi works fine for the Mini 2 and Android. I tried it out yesterday. If you would like to deactivate the NFZ and may have more HF power it’s a need to “hack” the drone. There’s a good address I know but I don’t know if this is agains some board roules if I post it. It costs normaly something, but maybe you get it for free of you tell them the use of the drones.


Thanks Reto for the info, highly appreciated, yes think it is not good to disclose it. But you can help us with this suggestion sending an email to us: info at. We would be happy to share on the right places. Cheers, Winfried

Hi Winfried,

I sent you an email to the provided address. I also contacted the person you makes the hacks, and told them that maybe you ask him to help for your project.


Thanks a lot, Reto! This can help in the near future! Cheers W