Update on apps for Phantom 3

The local church has a DJI Phantom 3 which it purchased mainly for surveys of the roof - it is one of the largest churches in Cumbria, UK and a drone is cheaper than scaffolding. For a number of reasons I haven’t flown in for at least two years but now need to do so. I am sure my control app is way out of date, as is for that matter, the drone.
I am sure things have changed since I last flew it, including the best app to use to control it. In the past I used Litchi.
Can someone advise please what app I should use?
DJI Phantom Pro 3
Either Samsung Galaxy S8 Model SM-G950F phone
or Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G Model SM-T736B

Use vertical studio. It definitely works

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The DJI app used to control the Phantom 3 Pro is DJI Go. Litchi may also be used if you wish to use waypoints or any of the other Litchi-specific functions.

Since the drone has not been flown in a couple years, the larger question is: Are the batteries still functioning? LiPo batteries need to be maintained properly. If they have not been used for two years, there is a good chance that they will no longer work.

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Thank you.
Regarding batteries, I have taken care of them during this period, recharging them periodically, and they appear to be in good condition.

Excellent. Many people don’t think about this. I would update to the latest DJI Go (if there is an update) and you should be good to go. Of course, Litchi would be a good choice as well.

The latest litchi doesn’t work well on ph3. The fact is that dji updated the sdk.

If litchi is installed for a long time and has not been updated, then it will fully work.

This is false. I use Litchi with a Phantom 3 and it works just fine.

Out of the 2 devices you mention I’d say the the 7FE (its what I use to fly my mini 2)

One thing I haven’t updated is the firmware and I do tend to subscribe to the “if it works, don’t fix it” school of thought. Since the Phantom Pro 3 is no longer made there may not be one - couldn’t find one anyway.

I agree. My P3-4K loves the current Litchi app!

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