Unresponsive during waypoint mission

I am a land surveyor and just started to use Litchi a week ago.
So my workflow is to plan survey mission waypoints in other apps then import it in Litchi.

Using DJI Air 2S and Phantom 4 Pro v2 both, I did notice a disturbing unresponsiveness in the uav behavior. For instance, I’m struggling to take back control because pausing mission or switching fly mode requires several seconds to take effect, so I’m quite worried to not be able to react in time if needed.

Is it just me and my hardware?

This exact same thing occurred recently when I launched my Mavic Pro 1 out over an airport that is still under construction. The drone had completed a couple of orbits, and then it inexplicably came to an uncommanded stop on the return leg of the flight. This caused a minor panic, as I assumed there must have been a sudden headwind that wasn’t apparent at ground level.

On that premise, I cut the throttle and brought the altitude down until the drone was barely skimming the forest treetops, at which point it resumed its progress to base. I am still none the wiser as to what happened there, although someone in another forum did mention that the Mavic’s collision avoidance sensor might have become confused by the sun’s low position in the evening sky.

Flying my old Phantom 3 S along the same waypoint sequence produced no such anomaly.

I can’t tell how exactly, but last Litchi update fixed the regain control delay.

So I guess we should say ‘good job’ to developers :ok_hand: