Uncommanded Pauses at Waypoints during video recording

Using a Mavic 2 Pro (latest RID firmware),and an iPad today to run a 34-waypoint video mission. I have run this mission several times before with the same hardware setup but not with this drone firmware. Today, while trying to film, everything went well except the drone paused for about 1 second at each waypoint. It continued this behavior at each waypoint. I checked each waypoint action and with the exception of start recording and stop recording, there were no actions specified. This has never happened before. I checked settings and it was set to straight lines and I could find no other possible causes in settings.
Can anyone suggest a solution?
Thanks in advance.

This kind of unexpected anomaly manifesting after a coerced DJI firmware is the reason I view all firmware update announcements with the same trepidation that I regard a dentist’s prognosis that I’ll require a triple root canal procedure. I loathe imposed firmware updates with a passion.

/Rant over with apologies for the digression.

That’s the reason, when set to “Curved Turnes” the drone will NOT stop at each waypoint.


Thank you.
When I flew essentially the same mission taking photographs at each waypoint I had the settings at curved turns and no photos were taken until I switched it to straight lines.
I guess I just need to learn the product, which I think is great.

Waypoint actions are ignored when Path Mode is set to ‘Curved Turns’.

If you are trying to video only with smooth transitions at waypoints (no pauses) you will have to manually start and stop the video recording and use Curves Lines for the Path Mode.

Thanks, Sam. You just unraveled a mystery. :slight_smile:

Except for the first & last waypoints


  1. Waypoint action at first waypoint is “Start Recording”
    and Waypoint action at last waypoint is “Stop Recording”
  2. The Camera Setting “Auto Record” is Enabled.

That information I didnt know. Is that documented anywhere?

Not that I know of.
I discovered this by accident and mentioned it already several times on this forum.
Actually it works for, and should read: “Except for the STARTING & Last waypoint”.

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Thanks for the clarifications, Sam. This explains why it seemed sporadic.