Trouble installing on second device need help

I have used Litchi on a small Samsung android tablet for over 8 years. I recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy android phone. I tried to install Litchi on my phone as well so I can use either one. When I go to the Litchi app in the Play Store I can’t download it without paying for it. I am using the same google account on both devices. Appreciate any help or suggestions

@blueacre ,

I would email Litchi support and send all of your info to them. I’m sure they can figure it out.

Thanks for the reply - I did email Litchi Support last night and they were very helpful- ended up I had to contact Google to get details for the orignal Litchi App purchase. Turns out when I purchased it in 2015 I was using a different email address for my Google account that I no longer use and had forgotten. The purchase details Google provided showed the email address used at that time. Once I logged into the play store with th correct Google account I was able to install the app on the second device.

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Glad you got it straight! Enjoy Litchi on your new device. :+1: