Track mode not working for Mavic Air 2

Hello, I am pretty new to Litchi, and I was trying to use visual tracking with my Mavic Air 2. When I select me the video feed starts lagging, even in 4K 30FPS. And when I try to track the drone just yaws left and right all over the place. Tried on two phones: Samsung A50 and Pixel 5. Same thing. All background apps closed, DJI Fly not running.
For my friend with his mini 2 and Samsung A41 it works well.
Is this a bug with Mavic Air 2? Active Track in DJI Fly works well for me but can’t track certain subjects.

You should normally get similar results with MA2 and Mini 2, given same mobile device and conditions.
For Track, it is important to make sure things like Full HD stream is OFF, no screen recording at the same time, etc as it is very demanding performance wise