Timezone Daylight Saving Issue on Android

Hi all,
I’m a newbie and I’m shooting as a second/third camera angle where we align the footages by time in post.

Mini 2 with Android (litchi or DJI fly) creation_time is off by an hour (8pm when it’s supposed to be 7pm). I can’t figure out where to make this change in the drone/remote. I think it has to do with daylight saving not be considered somehow.

This only happens with Android. I tried with iOS, the timestamp is ok.

Please help.

I tested this with the Mini-1 and Litchi using a Samsung Galaxy S7Edge & iPad Mini-4.
The recordings were taken 2 minutes apart:
Result: 2 minutes difference in creation time.

I made a 3rd recording 30 minutes later without a smartdevice connected to the RC, it’s creation time was the same as the first recording.

Homepoint was set (GPS-Lock) for all three recordings.
Footage Creation Date_Time Android & iOS
So my guess is there’s a mismatch in the Date-Time settings of the smart devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7edge:

iPad Mini 4:

Interesting. I tested with a pixel 4, pixel 6pro, and a iphone 6s. Both pixel phones behaved the same with 1 hr off while the iphone was correct. Let me mess with the setting on the phone and try again.

so I manually set the time to 1 hr ahead of actual time on my phone, it didn’t help, so I dont think the drone is taking the time from the phone in this case, but in iphone it was using the time from the phone.