Those stupid GEO Zones

Now that I have my new Mavic Air2S, if I had known when I was doing all the firmware updates (before I got the Litchi app), if I had known what those dang GEO Zones crap was, I would not have downloaded them. Please understand in this case, that I do know the rules, registerd, licensed, FCC, FAA, and about being near airports. My problem is, that the small town that I live in, is right next door to an airport. It’s an old inactive WWII airport. I am about a mile and a half away from it, and of course, can not fly it at all at home, until I leave town a few miles away. (redikuless!) I do know about puttin in to DJI for those, let me fly here for a day, but thats stupid to have to do! Is there a way to get rid of that GEO Zone crap info out of my controller and drone, or am I just stuck with that crap? Any help would be appreciated, thanks;) Be safe out there!

Your question is more suited to be in a DJI forum but what you can try is to send an email to with your reasons why the old airport should be removed from the DJI database.

Thanks Wes… I’ll do that and see what happens. That Base here closed down back in 1973.

Drone-hacks dot com could be an option. It will get rid of all geofencing