the map shows the wrong home

Good evening, when I go to the map to make a course at the beginning it takes me to the wrong home 30 km away, can I fix this?

Same happens to me !
Don’t worry about it, it is Litchi using the nearest main internet hub to your location.
When you go outside and the internet / drone connects all becomes corrected.

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It would help if you told us whether you are experiencing this with the Mission Hub or the Litchi app.

If it is with the hub, does the same thing happen when you open google maps?

If it is with the app, do you have location services enabled for Litchi?

good morning, thanks for the answer, look what happens, when I go from a computer to the map of the application to make the points for the course of the Drone there it takes me 30 km away from where I actually am, while I do this from home my.when I use the Drone for a simple flight on the mobile map it shows the real position there I have no problem