The drawing tool in the app, android, awesome!

I’ve been using the drawing tool in the Litchi app for creating missions on the app for my Mavic pro. I live in the mountains of northwest Colorado and there are several beautiful canyons and rivers within a 5 mile round trip of my home.
I’ve been using the drawing tool to sketch a line of travel. Then space my waypoints according to elevation changes.

Example: Today I flew a sorte that was 2.5 miles from the house. Setting the waypoints at 100ft apart was perfect. There’s steep canyon walls, sharp peaks and an elevation change of a little over 1300ft. All waypoints were 98ft AGL. The Mavic lost signal around 1500ft. I went in the shop and played a dice game with my wife and waited until I got signal back around 1500ft again.
I’ll be looking for another Mavic to have as a backup just in case…
It is amazing that the video is recorded without missing a beat and the aircraft finishes it’s trip without a connection to the RC.
WOW! Litchi, thanks for the experience!


Don’t you know how lucky you are ? Ha Ha

When are the amazing videos going on to Youtube ?

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Yes on the video, but I would love to see the mission, can you share it on the hub private has to unchecked.

Rod …