The Doe Creek Incident

The mission:

The flight:

The result:

Recovery team:

Almost there:

Got it:

Damage report:


ouch, glad you found it!

The drone was still on-line after impact and communicating with my smart controller. Other than navigating terrain, finding it was piece of cake :slightly_smiling_face:

Lucky you were able to muster up the help to retrieve it! I had a similar lesson in February: I had overlooked the important detail that the climb angle from WP1 (at 10m) to WP2 (at 45m) would intersecting with the top of a 27m (90ft) pine tree. I was able to get a professional tree climber friend to retrieve it from where it fell into branches at the 21m level. Now I always fly it manually to carefully check any tall obstacles, and plan my mission to be above them from the start.

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Good neighbors and family are definitely an asset. I normally have at least two preparatory waypoints at the start of a mission but this time not.
I used two in-house Excel based programs to create the mission.
One to generate the grid search pattern. And another which adds pre and post waypoints to any Litchi mission.
I use wp-1 to bring the aircraft up to a low altitude so I an check it is operating properly and wp-2 to take it to a safe altitude and avoid an obstacles in the immediate launch area. This time, I didn’t set wp-2. Lesson learned.