The app doesn't work for me

hi I have a problem with the litchi version 4.20 … I wanted to know why when I install the first time litchi it works normally but when I close the app and try to start the second time it doesn’t work but it returns to the phone screen … i have a xiaomi mi 10

We reported this rare crash on xiaomi/oneplus/vivo/etc devices to DJI and they told us they fixed it but it won’t be released until mid to end of february according to the last we heard.

In the meantime, one way to try and fix this crash is to see if you can create another space/account in your mobile device settings and install Litchi on that second space/account

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is it compatible with air 2?

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The option to create a new user on the phone works for me. I have the OnePlus 6T

@Angel how did you do that? I also have a OnePlus 6, but can’t find a way to create a second user.