The air2s camera goes crazy during the mission

Does NOT work with the Mavic Pro

Where is it said. Pro is also a dji go4 drone

In the ‘What’s new’ section.

Well, okay, I still don’t have mavic pro and it works for me :slight_smile:

Hi TriBar, do you have any ideas for my problem?

In my opinion it’s a typical ‘issue’ with DJI Fly drones that use VSC (Virtual Stick Commands).
VSC is still very different from manual flying !

The number of control signal bars in the top of the screen is just an average, it doesn’t tell anything about complete signal interruptions, especially brief ones.

According to the Air2S specs the FCC transmission range in urban landscapes is approx. 1.5 - 3 km, and the max range is 12 km.
The max CE range is 8 km.
8/12x 1.5 to 3 km = 1 to 2 km
(All theoretical)

Your ‘problem’ starts at a distance of approx. 1.3 km.

Visit the harbor and fly a short mission at the spot for the best possible footage.

Have a look at this topic:

Thanks for your response TriBar.
This is another problem that we had already talked to another friend, precisely that of the Virtual sticks, so I wanted to do another test, on my home and with a range of 4/500 meters and keep in mind that I live in the countryside, so as almost zero disturbances, it did the same to me indeed, at 3 wypoint it even stopped and did a mini orbit type ellipse, so I pressed the c1 pause key and then c1 again and so it started resuming the mission from that point. Did you take a look at the mission if everything is okay? I really hope that this is the problem and nothing else.
Anyway, Dji is complicating our life more and more, with the excuse of wanting to make it safer, he is taking away too many things from us.

I can’t see anything wrong with your shared mission.

You have set ‘Heading Mode’ to ‘Auto(TNW)’ and ‘Gimbal Pitch’ for all waypoints to ‘Focus POI’.
This means that the camera will tilt at the corresponding POI, but NOT yaw at the POI, which means the POIs will never get into the center of the frame.

It’s a bit unusual to set up a mission like this.

In order to get a POI in the center of the frame ‘Heading Mode’ should be set to ‘Custom(WD)’.

I made some changes to your mission and saved it under the name ‘capripiu-01’, here the link:

Another thing you could try is disabling object avoidance, however it seems unlikely the sun was messing with the object avoidance sensors during this flight.

Thank you very much TriBar, you are very helpful.
In fact, I hadn’t used Litchi for a long time and I had forgotten many things, also because with M2P I didn’t have all these problems that the Dji drini have today with the new system introduced. I saved your mission and I try it as soon as I can.
Thanks again.

So, in summary, in settings the default gimbal should always be put in “DISABLE” then when setting the wypoints, it should be left disabled until a POI is encountered, right? While the same thing for the camera must be kept in “Interpolate” until the first POI.

Gimbal Pitch (camera):
Disabled: You can use the left scroll wheel during flight
Focus POI: A POI will be kept in the center of the frame vertically only when ‘Heading Mode’ is NOT ‘Custom (WD)’.
Interpolate: YOU set a vertical camera angle (needs 2 waypoints to work).

Which ‘Default Gimbal Pitch Mode’ you want to use depends on:
-What you are planning to do
-What’s your favorite way for planning a mission.

Thanks for your response TriBar.
I love doing aerial shots concentrated on one POI up to the wypoint that I decide, then from there it must orient itself and point to the second POI and so on and they must be fluid.

Hi … I also noted in settings your cruise speed is about 17mph but often you manually accelerate to over 33 mph at the next waypoint. Don’t know that this is an issue but it certainly is unusual. On that note, you have huge curve sizes settings on nearly straight paths with no changes in heading. Again … strange if that was your intention. I do NOT understand what you were trying to achieve with these settings. As mentioned, using “interpolate” will smooth camera movements. Lastly with such a long flight, to have only 2 POIs, both at the Marina, seems a bit odd also … adding POIs throughout the flight will change camera angles through interpolation. This is the way Litchi was designed to work and will make video much more interesting to watch and missions easier to debug if there are issues… Over time, you will be able to anticipate which way Litchi will move the cameras by where and how you place yor POIs.

Thanks also to you Douglas for your contribution. Now I am getting a clearer idea of this problem, thanks to your contributions. I will do the mission again with your advice in mind, although I will have to make it much shorter as it needs the radio signal all the time.

Douglas. Excuse me again, would you like to open my mission and correct it in your own way? so I make myself condo of the actual things to do. If I ask too much, leave it alone. I thank you in advance in both of your decisions. I will have to study a lot on the “interpolated” settings and on the “WD and TNW” modes.

If you want smooth motion and don’t bother with “interpolation”, then you need to install poi. And wd mode.
With poi configured, litchi itself interpolates camera movement between poi.

Interpolation is needed when you don’t set poi and know exactly the direction in degrees for each wp.

A speed of 48 km/h is too fast for smooth drone flights.
It is better to fly slowly 10-20km/h.
It’s better to speed up the video in post-processing, it will look much better

Thanks Paxxa for the answer and for the advice given, I will treasure all the advice given so far.
Unfortunately and as already mentioned, I am an old admirer and owner of Litchi, but unfortunately sometimes for 7/8 months and even more, I don’t touch the drones for work reasons and then I forget almost everything every time, then put them also that they change technologies continuously. For example, I was unaware of this new Dji system regarding the virtual stick, precisely because I have not had the opportunity in recent months to speak with the various groups.

not much has changed. You just need to choose a place where the connection is stable. And do not plan missions of 3 kilometers, no one has done this before, it is common for people when their appetites grow.

A beautiful interesting video lasts 3-4 minutes, for this it is not necessary to fly 30 minutes

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