Terrain Awareness between waypoints

When creating a mission in Mission Hub and including Terrain Awareness, does Litchi calculate the drone flight altitudes for all way points and then just draw a straight line, in altitude terms, between the waypoints? So basically the drone will fly at constant descent or ascent rate to the next waypoint? Or does the drone actually follow the underlying topography between waypoints so is constantly descending or ascending depending on actual ground levels?

Yes. The drone has no way to continually monitor topography and adjust altitude between waypoints.

Thanks Sam. That’s what I was afraid of, making dropping more waypoint in-between all the more important. Maybe someday Litchi will be able to download an offline DEM to provide real-time elevation values so the drone can ‘hug’ the ground surface better.

Its the safe way to go, if you are flying over hilly terrain. An extra waypoint at the high point of a ridge is a small price to pay, in my book.

If you havent already checked out the Virtual Litchi Mission (desktop program) its worth a shot to let you see the flight and terrain profiles.