Taking Zoom (super resolution) panoramas on Mavic 2 Zoom

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience taking panoramas using the zoom function of the Mavic 2 zoom?

I tried it today and it did SOMETHING - not quite sure what exactly it did though. I set it to take 54 images so there would be lots of overlap even with being zoomed in. I zoomed in with the camera, hit go, and it was zooming in and out, moving all around, but it seemed to do about 8 ‘actions’ for every one photo that got registered on the counter, zooming in and out, panning up down left right.

Has anyone had experience with taking panoramas with the camera zoomed in? I know you can do it with the DJI app, but their panoramas are only 3x3.


I had more of a play around with it today. it seems that for every picture I set it to take in the panorama sequence, the drone produces one super resolution photo. you set 3 x 3 pano, and in each 3x3 square it takes another 3x3… so it ends up being a 9x9 super resolution image. It still doesn’t work though, half way through the app stops taking the pano with some sort of error message being displayed, but the drone continues going through all the autopilot motions of taking the panorama.
Any help apprecaited.

had more of a play. I can’t get Litchi to take panoramas on the M2Zoom AT ALL.

Does anyone know how to get panoramas to work with Litchi on the M2Zoom please?

Hi Dylan,

Welcome to the Litchi forum.

I have a Mavic 2 Zoom. I set the zoom function to the maximum and then set up a linear panorama as shown below. My 360 degree panorama required 204 images. It took most of the battery to do this but it completed successfully. I did not notice any extraneous actions while the photos were being taken. I then downloaded the images onto my computer and used ICE to create a panorama. I am using the IOS version of Litchi. If you would provide your exact settings, I could try that too.