Take off not allowed "Error 180"

I have latest updated Litchi software. Still getting this error code on both smart controller and iPhone. Has anyone been successful with a fix?

I was under the impression that this had been fixed a little while ago. That having been said, I converted to android earlier in the year from IOS and had not gone back. So not sure if the issue still exists on IOS. Sorry.

-What Litchi version? (please don’t say latest)
-What drone?
-What firmware version on the drone?

Litchi v4.26.0(1)(2)-g & v2.14.3-iOS should fix a take off error for the Air 2S

Search the forum for ‘error 180’ (magnifying glass in upper right corner).

Very latest! Just updated. Mavic air2s. Updated and controller updated yesterday just before flying. Litchi would control drone but camera view was not available? iPhone 10xs. Updated.
I deleted litchi last night and re-installed today. I’ll post results later

“Very latest! Just updated.”

@Alan_Blakeney, if you open Litchi and go to SETTINGS, look at the top of your screen and it will show you the current version of Litchi that you are using on your device. If you want Yordie to be able to help you, then you need to be SPECIFIC about what exactly it is that you have and are doing.

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