Switching between drone camera and phone camera while using litchi

Is there a way to switch between drone camera and camera while in VR mode. I want ti taake off in camera mode and switch back and forth while in flight

If I understand your question correctly, the answer is no. Your drone stores it’s footage on it’s microSD card and is viewed via the Litchi app. Your camera stores it footage in your phone and is viewed using the Photos app. Separate apps are used for each.

So you would have to close the litchi app to use the phone camera

Yes. They are two separate functions.

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Very good. I had not come across that before. From the User Guide:

Toggle Mobile Device Camera (VR): In VR mode, use this to switch between the drone’s camera view and the mobile device’s camera view. Useful if your goggles expose the mobile device’s camera to the outside.

Thank you very much I will try this