Switch between apps on the fly

As different apps for mini 2 have pros and cons I sometimes want to change app during flight.
This can be impossible without killing the working app.
In order to facilitate the transfer I have used the chortcut android app to easily kill the app before starting the new one.
Is there an even simpler way on doing it ?

Sounds risky to me. With my luck, I’d lose the drone because it might go into a hover beyond visual range and remain there until the battery drains down

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App is only a looking glass for presenting live video feed and telemetry. U’re even allowed to operate Mini 2 without phone/app. If RTH action is properly set in aircraft the RTH button on remote controller would bring your fine bird home even if your phone dies midflight :blush:

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Sorry This no longer works with the latest fw update for Dji mini 2.
the video feed gets corrupted even if you kill DJI fly app before stating Litchi.
The only way that I have found to make the switch work is to turn the controller of and recconnect to the drone.
I have many timed done the switch midair without disconnecting the drone from the controller without problems.
I would hope that this is corrected in the next fw update as different apps have their pros and cons and it is great if you can switch midair.

I was wrong it was not the firmware - it was the fly app version.
The function works again with latest app release 1.10.1

I use the KillApps android app to kill all apps before switching mid air.

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