Support for mavic3?

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when will mavic 3 be supported on litchi?

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Rory the good news is that DJI has announced a time frame during which the SDK referred to by Wes Barris will in fact be released for the Mini 3, so at least one area of speculation has been put to rest with that SDK release announcement. The first quarter of 2023 has been stated as the time frame in which the SDK will materialize.

There is however, one consideration about that inbound Mini 3 SDK that has not been clarified just yet, and I have pursued that answer in online forums like a bloodhound for the past few days with nothing to show yet for all my research. That unresolved question concerns whether or not the newly released Mini 3 SDK will make it possible for ALL the GPS waypoint data to be uploaded to the Mini 3 in one batch prior to departure on waypoint missions.

Wether or not all waypoint GPS coordinates can be uploaded to the Mini 3 at one go before departure on waypoint missions will in turn dictate whether or not the Mini 3 will faithfully complete the entire waypoint sequence of its active flight plan in the event of signal discontinuity between the RC controller in the pilot’s hand, and the drone as it flies autonomously.

If all waypoint GPS data is uploaded prior to departure of the drone, then it will become a truly autonomous drone like the early DJI Go models such as Phantoms and the Mavic 1 Pro , which would be a dream come true for me because my ideal drone would be one that can reliably complete Litchi missions even if the remote controller is switched off or loses signal connectivity with the drone.

My Mavic 1 Pro, Mavic Pro Platnum, and Phantom 3 Pro are all capable of full autonomy while flying waypoint missions under Litchi control, BUT they are all hobbled to an extent by their comparatively short flight battery life of fewer than 25 minutes. The Mini 3, however, is another beast altogether in that once fitted with its optional $95 “Plus Battery”, flight times of up to 45 minutes are achievable, which would nearly DOUBLE the flight plan mileage that can be covered in a single Litchi waypoint mission.

I tend to ramble on so I’ll stop now. Suffice it to say the instant Litchi confirms that the Mini 3 WILL be capable of storing all its flight plan waypoint GPS coordinate prior to departure, I will immediately buy a Mini 3 with those extra capacity batteries for some REAL adventures out here in the Third World sticks.

Gadget Guy over at the RC Groups forum just dropped the bombshell news that indeed the Mini 3 is ALREADY capable of completing waypoint missions if communication between the drone and RC controller is disrupted or lost outright during a waypoint mission. This is absolutely earth-shaking news, and I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of this confirmation that has been so kindly issued today by Gadget Guy.

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You are confusing the OP. Rory’s post is asking about the Mavic 3. Your response is about the Mini 3. They are two different drones.

The recent DJI MSDK announcement is about the Mini 3, not the Mavic 3. The Mavic 3 has on-board waypoints but no SDK. The Mini 3 will eventually have SDK support but no mention of on-board waypoints.


This is incorrect. The Mavic 3 has on-board waypoints. The Mini 3 does not.


well, wow and wow, rambling is highly appreciated and thank you for the response M_P.

i am extremely excited to see the release of “waypoint missions” on the MAVIC 3, because as you may state the mini3 being somewhat of a beast, for sure the mavic 3 is the beastly as i own one that i bought with the intention of mapping. i was currently mapping with the air 2s, which is a beast on its own, but the M3 and its size, capability of handling wind and its extreme flight time, 0f close to 40 mins is a game changer for me. i have not played around with the mavic 3’s flyapp waypoint mission yet, but i wish it was as easy as using litchi, as i have another software from ‘downunder’ that pre plans flights, along with an overlap setting, which when sent to litchi mission hub is so nice and simple for me to create my area to map and click go.

problem with flyapp is the tediousness of perhaps creating the route as if i have to do it natively in litchi, that would suck having to create a route and also getting photo overlapto lets say 85% by 80%, a real thumbsuck.

anyway, to perhaps know that through the flyapp if M3 can continue a mission even if it looses signal with controller is a Godsend, as certain missions i plan will have a high possibility that signal may be lost. well lets go play and i can perhaps report back on my findings…

now all i need is a certain hack company to jump on board… HMMMMM

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Aaargh, my dyslexia strikes again. I did not read Gadget Guy’s words in the RC Groups forum correctly. Wishful thinking got the better of me. Oh well, back to my hopeful vigil, awaiting good SDK news on the Mini 3,

On a positive note, since both the Mavic 3 and the Mini 3 are DJI Fly drones, and seeing as we know that DJI Fly does NOT prevent the Mavic 3 from storing all waypoints on board the drone, it stands to reason that the Mini 3 will also have that key capability to store all waypoint data on board at the point of departure on waypoint missions.

All that remains now is to patiently await official word about the Mini 3’s waypoint storage capability, so as to reach certainty about the Mini 3’s ability to continue Litchi missions when the RC signal is lost. Thanks again to Wes Barris for taming my overly optimistic flights of imaginative speculation.


hi mad

so i have played around with the new waypoint mission on DJI fly…

there is an option in the mission setup called action “on signal lost”, where an option selectable is “RTH,land,hover or CONTINUE”…

i am about to test if i switch off the remote, and continue is selected, if the drone will continue with the mission. which is what i suspect will happen.

i will update with findings.

this is very exciting

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Standing by for the update on this test, Rory. Certainly if DJI Fly is capable of uploading all waypoint GPS coordinates before the drone departs on a waypoint mission, then it is only a matter of time before Litchi works on the newly released Mini 3 SDK to make possible the completion of flight plans regardless of RC signal loss. The Mini 3 will at that point become by all-time favorite drone, even before I buy one haha,

no worries M_P

but remember this is on my MAVIC 3, not on a mini…

wonder why DJI would allow this on mavic 3 and not on the others?

DJI says that this whole issue of taking away mission capability beyond RC range was a “marketing decision”. It sounds like they may be reconsidering their decision by bringing back onboard missions with the M3.

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well on the M3, with the latest firmware onboard, i can say, that on a very complex ‘mission’, the drone continues the flight, returns home, lands and smiles… even when i completely switched the controller off completely, even removing the cable to the phone… so wow. but unfortunately the waypoint missions are limited to 200 points… and the way you program it is a bit painstaking, so for my ultimate goals i wanted with the drone im a bit left hanging, but good news for some none-the-less.

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The app is available at the Amazon Play Store. I cannot figure out how to not pay another subscription though. It is $24.99 and is downloadable on the RC.

Hi Robert. Just to clear up for you perhaps… im talking about the mission function released on the DJI FLY app… which you can download from

Hope this helps


The SDK for M3M and M3E has been released.

Are you working on it already?

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Could you please be so kind as to post a link where we can look up this news about the newly released Mini 3 SDK?

P o s t – d e l e t e d

This thread is about the MAVIC 3, not the Mini 3. DJI has released the SDKv5 for the MAVIC 3 Enterprise. DJI has announced the impending support of the Mini 3 Pro in the SDK sometime in Q2 2023. Please, no more confusing the Mini 3 Pro with the MAVIC 3 (Enterprise).


Lets be kind to each other.

Mad pup confused m3m with mini…

Dear mad pup… m3m is the multispectural m3…

Hope this clears things up

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