Support for Autel Drones

New Autel Lite+ owner, please add. What are the vote thresholds for support consideration?

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EVO 2 Pro V2 owner (and DJI Mini 2) and would love to use Litchi with my EVO 2

Changed from DJI to AUTEL. I really need it. Please.

Autel Lite+
Yes, please

Our company has transitioned to Autel and now only uses DJI sparingly due to geofencing issues within the major metropolitan markets we serve. We definitley vote for Autel EVO II (V1 & V2) and EVO II Enterprise support!

Would like to see Litchi able to be run on Autel and other drones as well. But Autel first at the moment.

Reason being that sub 250 gram drones will end up as the most common with changes being imposed by Govt., regulations in many countries.

Very interested in Autel Evo drones support pleaaaase XD