Stuck on WP when Uplink Signal is around 60%

Hello, I’m using a Mavic Air 2S on Litchi 4.26.8-g (Android). During the mission the drone stops in a waypoint, without loss of signal, and I can only RTH. Is it a normal behavior?

Here is the link, it happens around 5:50.

Checking logs and AirData, the Uplink/Downlink signal doesn’t seems low enough, the lower is 60% for uplink before RTH button is pressed.

More details about the mission: May 8th, 2024 08:19AM | General / Overview | Litchi log 4.26.8-g | Brazil | Airdata UAV

While I don’t own the Mavic Air 2S and can not therefore claim to be familiar with its features, I have seen my Mavic 1 Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum lurch to a series of uncommanded stops during waypoint missions, and in both cases, the cause of those battery-wasting stops during waypoint missions turned out to be my failure to calibrate all obstacle avoidance sensors using DJI Assistant 2 for that procedure.

Because the calibration of obstacle avoidance sensors is a tedious procedure that often fails before completion and needs to be repeated, and because I normally turn OFF all obstacle avoidance sensors when my drone is off on waypoint missions, I wrongly presumed that it would not matter if I neglected to carry out those calibrations.

That presumption that I could skip the calibration of obstacle avoidance sensors nearly cost me BOTH of my Mavic 1 Pro drones when those random sequential stops nearly resulted in low battery forced landings far from home. While you are at it, you might as well calibrate the compass, camera gimbal, and IMU, to restore like-new buttery smooth flight characteristics to your drone with NO unscheduled stops during waypoint missions.


This is caused by uplink/downlink signal INTERRUPTIONS and is typical for VSC drones (drones that use the DJI Fly app).

It has NOTHING to do with obstacle avoidance sensors.

The signal strength display is just an average and at 60% there are most likely a lot of interruptions causing this average.

Building UFF-Bloco F (Faculdade de Economia), a 5-story (about 20m high) building is half way between the Home Point and the drone. The drone flies at an altitude of 40m. Half way is about 20m. When this building is indeed about 20m high, it will block the signal.

Have a look at this topic:


Ah, I see. I stand corrected. I saw the symptom description and leaped to a diagnostic conclusion. Good thing I’m not a medical practitioner haha