Stream recording

where can I set the litchi to make a mobile phone recording like dji does.

Thank you

You can’t in Litchi.
Only thing you can do is screenrecording. In the iOS version it’s build in the Litchi App, on Android you can use the android screenrecorder or a screenrecorder app.

For smart controller (and most android/iOS devices these days), you can use the built-in screen recorder. Swipe down from top of the screen and you should see a record screen button in the system menu.
When you tap and hold this button you can choose to also record audio.

It is also possible, when you are using RTMP (as I described in another category), to record streams on a computer. Every recorder application will do. On linux I am using “SimpleScreenRecorder”, but OBS-Studio or VLC are also able to record (and even conveert on the fly) streamed videos.

For creating records, the delay between mobile and computer are not important.

It is, of course, like TriBar already mentioned, to save the screen of the mobile with an app.

Happy flying!