Strange behavior after reaching last waypoint

I have the waypoint missions ending behavior set to RTH. These two waypoint missions have the last waypoint set to the same exact GPS coordinates, altitude, height and bearing. When the Mavic Air 1 reaches the last waypoint it stops, like it should, but instead of initiating the return to home, like the waypoint mission behavior is set to do, it turns around and starts flying around for a little while and then will start the return to home.

What’s very strange is it is flying some kind of flight path, on it’s own, that’s not programmed into the mission, for about 30 seconds before making the direct path back to home. Like it’s sight seeing!

BTW, on both waypoint missions I lose RC connection throughout almost the entire mission due to interference and that includes the previously mentioned portion of the mission. I only know what’s happened from reviewing the recorded video.

This is also consistent between the two missions. I’ve run both two times now with the same resulting behavior before the drone returns home. One mission just fly’s to the same area from a slightly different direction than the other, but are almost identical otherwise. Every other part of these two missions is executed exactly the way it should, without issue.

Like you, all my Litchi missions extend well beyond RC signal reach and signal connectivity only resumes when the drone gets within a mile of the launch point.

I saw this exact same behavior with my Phantom 3 Standard while it was flying a Litchi waypoint mission well beyond the signal reach of the RC controller. The drone was following the course of a swamp forest when low battery RTH kicked in. Rather than make a single turn to face home, the Phantom made SEVEN complete 360-degree horizontal yaw turns that made me dizzy when I viewed the footage after the drone arrived.

That uncommanded spin was so violent that I was surprised the drone remained airborne despite going out of control so spectacularly at the moment RTH commenced. Since your drone is a Mavic Air 1, and mine is a Phantom 3 Standard, my hunch is that some kind of GPS interference was encountered in both instances, or alternatively that there is a rare intermittent bug in Litchi that is almost impossible to recreate so as to resolve it.

When I get the time, I’m going to run another waypoint mission in the general area but not the same spots and see if the same RTH behavior occurs.

BTW, two previous waypoint missions, away from those others, did not result in any meandering RTH behaviour. So far it’s just been the other two, previously mentioned, waypoint missions.