Store flight logs on SD card in drone

In addition to storing the flight log on your device (Android or iOS), I would like the ability to store the flight log .csv file on the SD card within the drone. For waypoint missions, if the drone goes out of range of the controller (loss of signal), the flight log on your device is not updated until the drone comes back in range. All the flight log information while the drone is out of range is lost.

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DJI does not let us create files or folders on the drone sdcard so we can’t do that. Even if we could, Litchi could not write the flight log when the drone is out of signal range. Only the drone’s own code (DJI firmware) can write its own flight logs when out of signal range, and it already does that however it is not in an easily read format.

See this video (similar for most drones) How to Export DJI Phantom 4's Flight Data with DJI Assistant 2 - YouTube

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Thank you for the response. After I posted my question, I was thinking that it probably was, indeed, part of the firmware on the drone, which the Litchi s/w may not be able to control. Thank you for confirming.

Question, if on a mission and you lose signal, will the drone return to home of just hover in place. Also if it just hovers in place, if you initiate RTN from the controller will the drone then return to home? Thanks…

I had thought when you load a mission it was sent to the drone and if you lost signal to the drone it would continue, but looks like that is not the case…

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Dave, speaking as a user (not developer) of the Litchi s/w, (flying Phantom 4 Pro) I have flown well over a dozen waypoint flights where the signal is lost. In all of those instances, the waypoint mission continued, and eventually brings the drone back to the home / endpoint at the completion of the mission. (The only exception to this was when I had a compass error mid-flight).
If the drone experiences a RTH condition part way through the waypoint mission (such as low battery), yes, it is my experience/understanding that the waypoint mission will abort and return to home. I have experienced this if my waypoint mission is too long, but in all these instances, my controller was back in range, hence I can see it happen in the Litchi app.
About the question re. attempting to initiate a RTH from the controller while you have lost the signal (out of range), then no, I would expect this will not work because the controller is out of range, hence the drone would not receive the signal/request.
Lastly, for clarification, my question about the flight log deals specifically around the .csv log file that the Litchi s/w creates from the data received, dynamically, from the drone. If the drone can’t talk to the Litchi app, then the Litchi app can’t log that data it did not receive.
Hope this helps.

It depends - for older DJI drones the mission will continue if signal is lost by default (can be disabled in settings). For newer DJI drones (the ones that use DJI Fly), the mission will end if signal is lost (can not be changed) and the drone will RTH.

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