Stop recording on a curved waypoint

Will Litchi ever be able to execute actions during a curved waypoint mission. I’m running a mission that has a curved waypoint. At the waypoint I want to stop recording to be able to take a picture. Will there come a time when Litchi will allow actions with curved waypoints.

The answer is in the question.

Where is an answer in the question

This a question for the developers and should be made as a suggestion. The drone has to get to the Waypoint to execute the command. If it did it on a curve, at what point in the curve would you want to to execute the command.? Start, middle, end, 1/4 way through, etc.

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If one is to stop to take a photo, then for that way point, make the drone fly to the way point, Tthat is no curve, and other way points can be curved.

However, the Litchi code writers could consider…

If the action is required at the way point, then the drone curve algorithm needs to encompass a flight path that passes directly over the waypoint. This is precise.

Alternative is perhaps “nearest point of approach”. This is not precise, but maybe near enough. The “accuracy” could be improved by minimising the radius of that one way point. In this lies the possibility to have the algorithm set up so that if a photo is to be taken, then that action is of higher priority to flying a curve. So code has an “IF” function, IF PHOTO, NO CURVE.

Interesting thoughts A D… maybe they need to have action points that can be placed along the path rather than just at waypoints…

Good point hhagquist… I’ll reopen as a suggestion, thanks…


At the moment for the action to trigger, it has to meet a set criteria. Call it point x,y,z. At the moment that is the Latitude and Longitude and Altitude set for the way point. (For the sake of good order, I note here that Litchi uses decimal degree, with up to six figures in the fractional part of the figure) The best alternative in such a case is that the planned route with radii at the change of direction, is that the actual way point is built into the flight path. This would have no curve for such a point. My guessing is that these curved points are “Bezier Curves”. These use points at are driven by the route and the way point, but do not incorporate the way point. So an alternative method would be required.

A camera action at a way point should be achievable by setting the curve at that way point to zero. In this case the drone reaches the “trigger point”. The other curves where the drone continues with no camera change is required can be smooth. I’ve just verified this on Virtual Litchi Mission, but not in real world. I suggest that the curve is not required as the curved function is to simulate best cine-graphic footage, as an interrupt in the flight will be made for the photo.

Using the “nearest approach” could be a bit erratic. Also the question of orientation as against reaching the way point and providing detail of position (x,y,z){way point} and direction {POI}.

As far as I am aware, all other mathematical methods to define an exact point on a curve are approximations. The question will then be, how close does the drone need to come to the x,y,z, point for the instruction set to be triggered.

So it goes back to the code writers at Litchi if they are able to provide a solution.

As per your suggestion, there is nothing to stop a further way point of more to be placed between other way points and as before with no curvature, that (those) can be used as trigger points. Without further trial on Virtual Litchi Mission the spacing of the way points and the total number are perhaps governing factors.

This would be a Straight Lines mission.
In a Curved Turn mission the drone would NEVER reach the waypoint.

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When I want a mission with still pics and motion pics, I make 2 missions: 1 with curved lines and low speed for motion pics, and 1 with straight lines and stop points for pics and in between the points: full speed

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