Stop recording doesn't work if auto record is on

Subject says it mostly all. I created a mission with the first step ‘stop recording’ (and yes, straight lines, not the curved waypoint mode) - and in fact the entire mission is only taking photos, however it just records a video anyway and zero pictures were taken.

What gives? This seems to have been a bug in litchi for ages (I see an Oct 22 post at least)…

Or am I missing something? All I want is a dependable mission that will take pictures even if I forget to turn off auto-record.

To achieve your photo mission,it is much easier to set the Auto Record function to OFF in the program for all missions. You will then be able to set up your photo mission to how you want it. Straight lines for photos, curved turns for video.
With Auto Record set ON, the camera will always record video despite the photo settings.
Hope that clarifies it somewhat.

Thanks Mavron, yes, its… a bit frustrating because I’m too scatterbrained to remember turning recording on when I’m not using missions. But yes on the other hand it seems the auto-record is interfering with photos.

Would love for litchi team to improve the ‘smarts’ behind auto-record a little… it’s super obvious you want recording off when trying to take pics…