"stay for" in Flyhub when do i need it and how long?

Hey there,

trying to find out if i should use the stay for setting in flyhub / how fast the waypoint actions happen.

For example. if I want to:

  1. take a photo
  2. tilt the Camera to another angle
  3. take another photo
  4. rotate the aircraft by 180°
  5. take another photo

where should i put in stay for “xy” ?

Will the actions all occur directly after the last action is started or only when it’s completed ?
For example, rotating will probably take 2-4 seconds, do i need e.g. a “stay 5 seconds” between Number 4 and 5 or will it take the Photo only after the rotation to the desired angle finished and the drone stands still in the air ? Also, should i put in a “stay for 1-2secs” after each “take photo” for no motion blur and saving the photo to the SD-card ?

Flying an AIR2S if that information in important.

I’m not sure if there is one correct answer. At least I have not found that “Stay for” is required in all cases. For example, in my PanoramaToWaypoint converter, I don’t use any “Star for” actions and all photos are captured properly.

The very first waypoint (Waypoint 1 of a mission) is often problematic but that is because it doesn’t execute its heading or speed until it reaches its location.

My suggestion would be to begin without using any “Stay for” actions. Then only add a 1 or 2 second wait if you encounter a problem (like a photo not being taken).

At the shutter speeds typically used in drones (and their height), you could take a photo while the drone is moving and you won’t have any motion blur.