Spark mission flight

Hello, I am a newbie here. I bought the app and really impressed how powerful the tool is. Excuse my ignorance but I have a silly question here. I understand that flight plan is uploaded to the drone. Is it correct to assume that while in a mission connection to controller isn’t required?
If so, would it be safe to operate the spark flying the missions without a controller (phone connection).
Thanks a lot in advance.

  1. Have a look at this topic:

  2. Whether or not it’s safe to fly without beeing able to intervene is solely your decision/responsibility.

In your case, this is correct.

Perfect, thanks so much

Great, my signal from controller gets lost pretty easily for some reason so I don’t get a great range. But now if I keep it high enough and send it as far as I can surely come back from :slight_smile: I would probably switch to mobile only

From a mobile phone, your flights are limited to a radius of 100 meters. But the total length of the flight in a straight line, you can get about 200 meters.
But it is quite convenient and has many advantages.

You also don’t even have to take your remote control out of your bag, just turn it on and then your flights are limitless.

Was trying to understand you last post but then it clicked in - I could use wireless connection between phone and controller :slight_smile: thanks

Yes, sure. I am telling you about this. The remote control can be in your bag or car or somewhere else (about 20-30 meters from the phone). There is a small issue with screen sticks not being available, but litchi have promised to add this setting in the future.