<SOLVED> How to create a shape file

I realize this isn’t actually a Litichi question; but I wonder if anybody here can point me to instructions?

I see various photos and videos of real estate where property boundaries are outlined. I’d like to learn how to do that.

Anybody know how, or have a link to how to? My google-fu has failed me, or I don’t know what terms to search for; all I can find are instructions on how to import a shape file…but I already know how to do that. :slight_smile: I want to know how to make an accurate shape file that I can then import.

Those are post-processing photo edits. As you said, not a Litchi question. I have used Photoshop and even Paint to draw lines, but I wouldn’t assume they are accurate.

Import into what? You can import a shape file into Litchi, if you want to create a Waypoint mission … if thats what you are asking.

Right; I want to learn how to create a shape file. Then import that shape into Litchi.

I figured that since there are a lot of smart people here…maybe one of them will happen across my post and lead me down the right learning path. :rofl:

@Bill_Hagen ,
Good tutorial here on how to create the polygon in Google Earth Pro and save it as KML.

Then, in the Litchi Misison Hub:
Click Missions
Select the saved KML file and it will create a Waypoint Mission.

Thanks for hanging in there with me @Sam_G :rofl:

I got it figured out.

1st: as you mentioned, Litchi needs a kml, not a shapefile.
2nd: Just keep looking! I found the county assessor’s website that showed the parcels, but there was no way to download or copy the shape or kml. After about a thousand more searches, I finally found a site where I could download the parcel kmls. Whew! Then it was a simple matter of filtering the view to only the parcel I wanted, and then downloading the kml.

So I didn’t end up having to create it, and it’s a good thing, too…the kml I downloaded for a single property is a super odd shape, and has 122 waypoints. :slight_smile:

Mystery solved!

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You can use QGis with the KML plug-in to make a kml file.

@Andreas_Olsson ,
Will QGis (with a KML plugin) allow you to extract highlighted property lines from a map? Or will you still have to manually draw them, then export the KML?

It depended on the map