Simple question, the Litchi app on iPhone will not show waypoint-files created on pc

I read that I need to login with the same account with which I created the waypoint-file in litchi/hub, but I don’t see where or how I can login on my iPhone. It simply opens the app and connects to my done and opening up ‘waypoint mode’ there are no tracks other than created on my iPhone.
What am I doing wrong?

oon your phone click where you change flight modes top left hand corner then click on the extreme right hand end symbol and login

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FANTASTIC Martin, you got me going! It was not exactly like you described on my iPhone, I did need to click on modes but then in the list you can scroll down even further and there appears “login”. Bloody hell, I hate these auto-hide scrollbars. They are there to tell you “there’s more” and yet some foolish programmer has come up with the idea to not show that. How customer unfriendly…
THANKS for responding so quickly

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You’re welcome, and yes the interface is slightly different between iOS and android