Signal lost during Waypoint, auto RTH?


I was under the impression that a mission will continue even if the signal to the remote is lost. When trying to run a mission, as soon as the signal is lost, the drone returns home. I obviously don’t want to lost the drone, but if it follows the mission it should come back anyway based on my map selections.
Am I doing something wrong?

New DJI drones (the ones that use DJI Fly) cannot continue the mission when signal is lost.

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If you’re sure your mission will complete before battery depletion, turn off smart return to home as this errs on the side of caution and your drone will still have more than enough battery power on return. When signal is lost the drone will hover in place and SRTH will send the aircraft home.
Also make sure you have “continue mission on signal loss” checked in settings.
Be aware that high winds etc will affect flight time and although ground level wind may be light, as little as 100 meters up may be significantly stronger. If in doubt do a short test flight and watch the drone speed at altitude and different directions.
Fly safe and enjoy!

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Yes, the Mavic 2 Pro / zoom can continue the mission if the signal is lost. You can set what should happen in this case. Whether to return home or continue. I have set Mavic 2 Zoom to return home.
Always be happy to return home for this opportunity.

Thanks for the replies. I’m using the Air 2S. I have SRTH turned off, but the only options I get in settings regarding signal loss are RTH, land, or hover. I don’t see a signal loss option in the waypoint settings. I’m using the latest version of the app on Android.

Also, the video is horrible. Instead of flying straight, the drone faces from side to side along the route instead of pointing at the next waypoint. This is something I guess I have to play with but it’s annoying.

With the release of the DJI FLY-app, the era of REAL autonomous flights has ENDED.
From now (then) on there has to be a continuous connection between the drone and the controller.
As of the DJI Mini 1 (and all later DJI drones), “Virtual Stick Commands” are used to control the drone. This is a choice made by DJI, NOT Litchi.

Also with the release of Litchi v4.20, the DJI Crystal Sky is no longer supported.
This means that the DJI Mini 1 is the last drone that can be flown with the Crystal Sky.

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As of v4.21.0 (Jan 31, 2022) Litchi restored support for Android 5.1.1 & 32bit systems.
(DJI Crystal Sky & Phantom 4 Pro+ v1 screen)

I have a horrible suspicion that soon, DJI will also disable this fully autonomous flight mode in
the Mavic Pro series too, in a future software update.

How do I turn off automatic software and firmware updates ?

Probably not the will of DJI, but some ignorant asshole in our government telling DJI to do this.