Signal control?

Dear developers,

I would wish myself an option to see the signal strength during flight. This should not be a simple lantern like “green-yellow-red”, it should be a bar with at least 5 levels.

There should be a bar for 2,4GHz and a bar for 5,8GHz.

And it should also show, which band is active at the moment.

Additionally there should be a bar, which shows the quality and strength of the video signal.

Yes, you see it correct: I want to have full overview over the high frequency part of the drone.

If you could implement this, this would be great!

Best regards


And what good use would that be to anyone ?
If there is a situation where there is a bad signal level,
the system will tell you.
We don’t need any more unnecessary junk on the controller
screen … Thank you very much.

If you do not want it, its is your problem.

I personally want to be informed, when the signal is getting weak, not only when it is gone!
And I want to know, which banbd it is using, so I can put on the right booster antennas.
And thinks, YOU like on the display, might be junk for others, think of it.

This channels is “Ideas and Suggestions” and it is also a pool for the developers.

And this is just complete without any rating! What I think, and what you think, is fully unimportant!!!



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For the correct booster (Yagi) antennas you have to set a transmission channel manually.
In Auto-mode or Dual-band-mode (depending on which drone you use), transmission channels will switch during flight depending on the strength and/or degree of interference.

DJI drones that use the GO(4) app do have seperate control- and video strength displays with 5 bars in Litchi’s Main screen. So most likely the SDK’s for the DJI Fly drones don’t support this anymore.

Setting Transmission Channel in Litchi:

Litchi Main Screen for GO(4) drones:

Litchi Main Screen Mini-1:
(The RC-symbol functions as a switch between C-N(P)-S mode)

Are you sure ??

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No, I am not sure, but lastly developers decice, what will be implemented.
What I meant as, it is not important what a SINGLE customer thinks, more important is, what the MAJORITY is thinking.

For myself I can just make suggestions or introduce some ideas.

To the problem itself: Yes, I know, I can set 2,4GHz or 5,8GHz fixed, that is not the problem. What I wanted to explore is, when (during flight), it automatically changes to which band, and which band is more used and in which situation it switches to which band.

This can not be seen on display (yet).

However, of course I can do tests with fixed band/channel separately and compare the results.
My idea just would make it easier, that is all.

And please note: This is just an idea and/or a suggestion, if you find it usefull, then it is fine, if not, it will be fine, too.

Thanks for your understanding!

Best regards