Shout out to UK/Ireland Pilots regarding Insurance

I’m very new to Drones by only 2 months and these drones are not cheap so I’m looking on advice
on where I could get reasonably priced cover for my drone including Holiday destinations and accidental damage, Loss and Theft.

I just contacted Drone Cover Club for a quote and this is what I got.

The annual membership including Accidental Damage ,Loss and Theft is £279.90

If you wanted to add on the Worldwide Travel Extension it will be a total of £292.85

And just the Annual membership and Worldwide cover excluding the Accidental Damage ,Loss and Theft will be £42.90

The “Accidental Damage ,Loss and Theft”, if you take it out does not apply outside of the UK/Ireland

I use coverdrone, very well priced (cost me just under £50 this year for my mini2)

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Thanks for the feedback Martin.

Their ALT, (Accidental Damage, Loss & Theft), option however is a bit on the high side and it does not apply outside of the UK/Ireland… I could get 3rd Party CAR insurance for that…