Shooting video instead of photos. Why?

I have pretty much had no success with Litchi since I bought both android and IOS versions about a year ago. My main interest, like a lot of people, was to make use of waypoint missions. For me, the only benefit to having litchi is to have successful waypoint missions with photos taken. I have never had a successful mission, not a single time. First I tried it with a mavic mini to do a very low level flight on a street where the road was being replaced for the purpose of progress reporting. Photo intervals never worked. Tried with my Two P4P’s. Tried with 3 inspires. Tried with both android and IOS.
I have the settings to straight. And to the best of my knowledge, that is the only setting that for some reason prevents intervals from working.
In the past, I could never get the interval option to be available to populate. Tonight I was out on a job and using my android tripltek and a P4P. For some reason Pix4D would not connect to the drone. I opened Litchi and to my surprise, I was able to create a waypoint mission that allowed photo intervals. I also set up an orbit mission with the same luck, intervals being available. I watched the missions complete. It appeared that the photos were being triggered so I was pretty happy about that. So I get home and have a look at the results. All it shot were videos.

This was a small project, just a 3D model, but now I do not have results and wasted an evening. I have watched all of the videos about using this app. I use several capture apps for different work so I am not unfamiliar with using the technology. It would be so great if this program would work. To be honest, the only thing I have enjoyed using it for was flying a mini around in my back yard just to get stick time because I fly every day.

Is there anyone who thinks they can identify that one stupid mistake I am making or do other people face the same challenge?

Most DJI drones can’t take photos while video recording.
Check if you have ‘Auto Record’ set to ‘Off’ in ‘CAMERA SETTINGS’.

That was a great suggestion. A P4P can take photos while recording video, at least in Go4. I believe that it will not in Litchi. Either way, I do not have auto record enabled. This does not explain why it shot video. If it were one flight, I would say that I somehow started the video. There were three flights, one grid then two orbits at different radius settings. Thanks for the effort.

I’m puzzled.
Try clearing Litchi’s Cache and/or Data:

If that doesn’t fix it, reinstall Litchi.
That’s all I can suggest.

Unless you need to have one continuous (e.g. long) video of the entire mission, and want to capture photo and video in a single mission, for each waypoint setup an action sequence such as stop recording, wait a second or two, take a photo, wait a second or two, start recording, if needed wait a second (this is optional), go to next waypoint, repeat until done. You can experiment with if you need the short pause/waits or not, have had mixed results without them, have had success with them. The downside is that you will have several video segments however you can also put those together with transitions. Some people prefer one long video to work with, others prefer the shorter segments. With orbits, things are bit trickier in that you can do a whole video for an orbit, or, pause the orbit, stop the video, take a photo, start the video, un-pause the orbit, not as automated however it works if needed.