Share telemetry data with HTTP API or MQTT

In many cases of integration between drones and IoT systems, accessing drone data such as gps location, speed, battery, etc. is often sufficient.

If litchi integrated a function to “stream” or export the drone’s real-time telemetry, many companies could use it instead of making an app each time with the dji sdk.

Possible solutions:

  • the app could expose a webserver with a json with current drone info.
  • the app could send MQTT data to a broker.

I think there is market demand, because DJI made the Cloud API with the m30 matrix series exactly for this purpose.

What do you guys think?

an example for iOS here: GitHub - DroneMQTT/DroneMQTT-DJISDK-iOS-Sample: DroneMQTT sample program for iOS (Swift) on DJI SDK