Settings for tilt camera or interpolate Gimbal pitch not saving

Hello everyone,
I attached a screenshot of my mission hub to show where I am trying to save settings for either camera tilt or gimbal pitch. When ever i assign an angle on each waypoint, such as 45 or 90 degrees, it switches back to 0 the moment I click away. Am I doing something wrong is this a known limitation?

For tilting the camera down you have to type a negative value, a positive value for up (max 30° depending on drone type).

Those actions only work in straight line missions and you’ve got a curved line mission

I feel silly for missing this, but including the negative value worked! Thank you very much for your help, TriBar!

I was about to post the same. There not much for help files, so posting here is the best support we have.

@Eric_Wi that is what I noticed too. I hope to give back to this community/forum when I slowly get more experienced with Litchi and UAV mapping. Thanks again for everyone’s feedback.

It’s only fair for Litchi to expect you to know how to operate your drone.
This information, and a lot more, can be read in the User Manual of your drone.
From a User manual:
Tilt Angles from User Manual