Setting Absolute Altitudes (MSL) in Litchi CSV

Hello, folks!

I’m seeking assistance with a script to convert my waypoints into Litchi CSV format. All of my waypoints have absolute altitudes (~1000 meters) since terrain following is required.

In the Litchi CSV format, there’s a column called “altitudemode” which can be set to MSL (0) or AGL (1). However, even when I set the value to MSL, I encounter an error message while importing the CSV into MissionHub:

Error: invalid altitude for waypoint 1 (valid range is [-200,500]m

I am aware that I can set the altitudemode to AGL and adjust the altitudes of all waypoints relative to the first waypoint. However, during the planning stage, I won’t know if I’ll be near the takeoff point. Any assistance provided would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

For DJI Drones, and all other drones with barometric altimeter, ALL altitudes are relative to the Take-off point, NOT WP1.

At the Take-off point the drone records it’s altitude as zero.

You need to know where the Take-off point is.
Assume one and hope for the best.

Thanks for the quick reply!

So does it mean that if I set the “altitudemode” in my CSV for all the waypoints to MSL (0), I will still need to set barometric (relative to take-off point) altitudes and not MSL altitudes?

That’s what I wrote.

The values for “altitudemode” in Litchi’s CSV format are:

  • 0: above take-off
  • 1: above ground

These values correspond to the “Above Gound” checkbox in Litchi’s waypoint dialog. There is no option for “MSL”.

If you wish to convert MSL values to Litchi’s “above take-off” values, you would have to pre-select a take-off location and use Google’s elevation API to convert your MSL data prior to creating a CSV file for Litchi.