Set RTH before takeoff

I would like to power on my drone while sitting in my living room and take off it, fly through window to my garden outside. But I worry (maybe it’s very low probability) if drone will lose signal inside my home yet. So I would like to set RTH position before flight, or save RTH position from when flying previous time. Is it possible with Litchi?

You can not SET a RTH position (Home Point) manually, you can only CHANGE it.

RTH position is set automatically by the drone itself as soon as it has aquired enough GPS satelites.
Then it will be set again upon take off.

You can only change the RTH position during flight by moving it on the screen (the blue dot).

Most likely your drone will NOT have enough GPS satelites while it is still inside.

Also there’s a good chance that if you loose connection to the drone while it is still inside it will ascent to the set RTH altitude and crash into the ceiling, unless you have ‘Signal loss behaviour’ set to ‘hover’ or ‘land’.

READ the manual of your drone !

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Not sure. New to all this. I start on my covered porch then move out into the open and the Home Point updates there. I don’t think I would want inside my porch set as H-P.
As far as moving a H-P on the map, I cant get that to work…

Hm, so I think I can do this if I want to start from inside the home: Take-off inside home with HOVER mode. Fly outside through window, descent to altitude which allows catching it by human (if drone loses signal). Then updating RTH position choosing it by fingers on the map and set RTH mode.

But maybe it’s not worth and dangerous. At the end when I want to go back I need to change mode to HOVER, fly through window to inside the home. Flying through windows - not sure how sensor will react, maybe drone will ascent a little or something.

Maybe it’s not a good idea to fly drone starting from inside the home :smiley:

Sure, if you like to complicate things and be a daredevil.

Be aware that the drone will be in ATTI mode if it has not aquired enough GPS satelites (set a homepoint yet) and it WILL drift with the wind.

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Yes, that is a recipe for disaster. There are too many things that can go wrong with what you propose.

A GPS drone sets its home location upon startup as soon as it acquires enough satellites. In your case, that is not well-defined.

If your drone has obstacle avoidance, flying through a small opening could cause the drone to move in unexpected ways.

Setting your “lost signal” action to “hover” is a bad habit to practice.

A GPS drone is designed for flying outside in a wide open area.


If you want to do this, I would leave the RTH point to whatever it sets to, get the drone back to the neighbourhood of your home using RTH, stop RTH and then bring it back manually. But it still sounds very tricky and a tad intimidating what you propose. I hope you have big windows! See also the other comments…