Sequence of drone actions on the waypoint

Hi everyone,
I did a grid route test to learn the basics of orthophotography.

I describe the problem with the help of the following image:

Once I arrived at WP69 I expected the drone to perform these actions in the following order:
1.- change heading from the value of WP68 (253°) to the value of WP69 (73°);
2.- tilt camera to -90° (but it was already at the previous WP);
3.- take a photo.

The problem is that at WP69 the drone takes the photo while it is still rotating to reach the correct heading.
This results in a photo that is misaligned with the next one.

Is it a bug, is it something I am doing wrong?

In the attached screenshot I have also enclosed the WP69 parameters.


Insert a ‘Stay For’ action before you take the photo. Set it to wait 2 or 3 seconds to give the drone time to rotate and stabilize.

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Do you think that with the ‘Stay’ command the drone will still rotate instead of remaining stationary in position?

I will surely try.


Sam is right and to be sure, even if it means deleting the 1st photo I’ll do like that:
Because the 1st photo is often a dud because the rotation is not finished.

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